Club Derp Minecraft Server: In-Game Rules / Terms & Conditions

By logging in and playing on Club Derp, you hereby agree to these Terms & Conditions and that you will follow the rules listed herein. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not log in.

Section 1.0: Donations

Club Derp welcomes donations in any amount that you see fit! We value our donators, and we are very grateful for your contributions. With your contributions you help the admins keep the server hosted and running so all players can have fun!

Admins may choose to grant privilege ranks to players who donate to the server if they have exhibited good conduct and have never violated the rules in the past. Priviledge ranks are NOT guaranteed to be granted after a donation, and they can and will be removed at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of the admins.


Section 2.0: Standard Player Rules

All players on Club Derp must adhere to the following rules including admins and ranked players. Failure to follow the rules may result in punishments and possibly a permanent ban at the Admin's discretion.

Contact yu32 if you want to report any player that is violating the rules. Please try to provided a screenshot if possible.

Admins of Club Derp reserve the right to ban or otherwise punish any player for any reason. Admins reserve the right to amend these rules in anyway at anytime.

Section 3.0: Ranked Player Rules

By being granted a priviledge rank and associateed perks you are regarded as a highly valued player on our server. However, in order to promote fairness, admins will not give you special treatment aside from the granted perks.

You must continue to obey the Admins and their decisions even if you have the highest level rank. If you have a complaint, contact yu32.

The same consequences apply to ranked players if they do not follow the rules stated in Section 2.0. Admins reserve the right to remove any rank or perks for any reason.

You may not help other players directly using your perks such as giving them items, etc.

Section 4.0: Moderator Rules

If you are a Ranked Player, you may be asked by the admins to serve as a moderator for the server. This is determined by good behavior, displays of responsibility, fairness and trustworthiness. You will have exactly one week from the time the offer is made to make your decision. You may either accept or decline the position of moderator.

As an official moderator of Club Derp, you are one of the most trusted and respected players on the server and you have a duty to enforce the rules and protect the server from those who would harm it. ANY ABUSE OF POWER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

If you decline to be a moderator, there are no negative consequences, however, you may not be asked to be a moderator again. If you decline, you may not change your mind later.

The admins reserve the right to remove your moderator status at any time for any reason.

If you accept, you must adhere to these rules: